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Congratulations, Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ!

January 22, 2020

Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, and eight other RSCJ will profess their final vows on January 26, 2020. With great joy, we invite you to join us in thought and prayer as we celebrate their Perpetual Profession in the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Those professing their vows are:

  • María Jimena O’Neill, RSCJ, Argentina/Uruguay Province
  • Amélie Jarrousse, RSCJ, Belgium/France/Netherlands Province
  • Dolly (Kiran) Kumrawat, RSCJ, India Province
  • Natália Do Rêgo, RSCJ, Indonesia Province
  • Bang Junghye, RSCJ, Korea/Chinese Province
  • Kim Jihye, RSCJ, Korea/Chinese Province
  • Rachel Lema Moya, RSCJ, Democratic Republic of Congo Province
  • Judith Malunga Mayasi, RSCJ, Democratic Republic of Congo Province 
  • Juliet Mousseau, RSCJ, United States – Canada Province

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