Le Petit Musée and the Shrine of Saint John Berchmans Brochure

Le Petit Musée is a museum dedicated to the history of the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. The Catholic school for girls was founded, in 1821, by the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) under the direction of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne and has been in continuous operation since. The Shrine of Saint John Berchmans sits on the site of the 1866 miraculous cure of a Religious of the Sacred Heart.

'The Meal That Reconnects: Eucharistic Eating and the Global Food Crisis'

In The Meal That Reconnects, Dr. Mary E. McGann, RSCJ, invites readers to a more profound appreciation of the sacredness of eating, the planetary interdependence that food and the sharing of food entails, and the destructiveness of the industrial food system that is supplying food to tables globally.

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne Brochure

Rose Philippine Duchesne was born August 29, 1769, in Grenoble, an ancient city, France’s beautiful gateway to the Alps. One of eight children in a family of privilege, she was strong-willed, impetuous and generous.

'Do Not Forget What Your Eyes Have Seen'

For 30 years, Sister Shirley Miller, has seen and heard God in every person she met on her journey through life. Wherever she has encountered them — in the mountains, by oceans and rivers, at the countryside, and in classrooms — she has been enriched by what people have revealed to her. “Each day we are given opportunities to see beauty all around us,” says Sister Shirley. “All we have to do is pay attention.” This book is an invitation to do just that. You don’t need a camera, just an attentive heart.