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Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne: A Heart on Fire across Frontiers

In time for its bicentennial celebration, the Society of the Sacred Heart has published “Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne: A Heart on Fire across Frontiers,” written by Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ.

Two hundred years ago, Rose Philippine Duchesne set out across the Atlantic to establish the Society of the Sacred Heart and educate the children of the new world. Opening the first Catholic school west of the Mississippi, Mother Duchesne, known as “the woman who prays always,” crossed frontiers to bring faith, love and education to the new world.

Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi

Villa Duchesne Alumna, Deby Sansone Schlapprizzi recently launched her new book entitled The Splendor of You.  The book features a collection of reflections that celebrates you and the magnificence of God's splendor that lives in you.

Heart Magazine, Winter 2017

This Winter Issue of Heart Magazine takes a deep look at General Chapter and the calls that were discerned for the Society of the Sacred Heart.  The Society welcomes all members of the Sacred Heart family to prayerfully learn, discover and to live these calls with them, over the next eight years.

The Mother's Rosary by Paula Capps

A group of mothers came together more than twenty years ago to pray for their children in the chapel of their school.  Every week they gathered, praying the rosary fo the physical and spiritual safety of their children.  The Mother's Rosary is the result of the love and devotion of these mothers.  Now this book can serve as the catalyst for mothers to gather anywhere to pray for their children and to petition the aid of the Blessed Mother to help them be the best mothers possible.

Mission for the Emerging Future 2015-16 Mission Advancement Report

Our donors’ participation in God’s ongoing work of love through the Society of the Sacred Heart makes a significant difference – both now and into the future. Thank you for each gift to the province, as each gift helps to further our spiritual and educational mission and contributes to the care of our elderly sisters.

Heart Magazine, Spring 2016

This Spring Issue of Heart Magazine has as its theme, Hope in a Broken World. During a time that our world sees so much sadness and pain, our contributors also see so much hope. In sharing their stories, they share that hope despite the brokenness around us. As you read and reflect on these stories, please share with us the hope you are finding in this world of ours.

Monique Luirard, RSCJ

by Monique Luirard, RSCJ(1943-2013), Professor emerita at the Institute of Political Studies of Lille, France, historian, specialist in the history of World War II and religious history

Translated by Frances Gimber, RSCJ

Preface by Clare Pratt, RSCJ

'Seeking the One Whom We Love: How RSCJs Pray'

The Society of the Sacred Heart United States – Canada Province has published Seeking the One Whom We Love: How RSCJs Pray.

'Louise Callan, RSCJ (1893-1966): Historian and Biographer of Philippine Duchesne'

Louise Callan, RSCJ (1893-1966): Historian and Biographer of Philippine Duchesne by Carolyn Osick, RSCJ, is available for purchase in print and as an ebook. Louise Callan, RSCJ, was professor of history and sacred scripture at Maryville College in St. Louis, Missouri, until her death in 1966. She was greatly loved by her many Maryville students.

Heart Magazine, Winter 2015

As we enter into the winter season, a time when the earth lies fallow in colder climates, our contributors to the winter issue of Heart focus on the connection and responsibility of each one of us to our common home, the earth. We invite you to take this issue of Heart “to heart” and respond to the call of Pope Francis to make the care of our common home a personal call.