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Oakwood Retirement Center

  • Mathilde McDuffie, RSCJ

Oakwood Retirement Center was opened in 1971 adjacent to the Schools of the Sacred Heart, Atherton. At the time, there was just one main building. Since then, we've made the following additions:

  • Westwood was added in 1981
  • five additional apartments were built in the 1980s 
  • a Special Care wing was added in 1992
  • the beautiful Chapel was built in 1996
  • Rosewood was added in 2003. In addition to resident rooms, Rosewood added a library, a large bright art room, and a computer room.
  • The Gatehouse, a separate community on the SHS property, was begun in 1987 and rebuilt at its present location right next to Oakwood in 2011.

Currently there are 52 RSCJ residents, making it the largest community in the province. It is a very welcoming community: our daily Liturgy is open to anyone who wishes to join us. We are always pleased to receive visits from school children and adults.

The Sacred Heart Society, a group of SHS seniors, meet individually with a partnered RSCJ throughout the school year. Averaging about 35 students, we have had as many as 62 coming weekly through the year. Many return after they have graduated to visit ‘their sister.’

A few of the Oakwood RSCJ volunteer at SHS and various other organizations in the wider community.

Oakwood hosts most of the Feast Day gatherings for the entire Area. Many RSCJ in the Menlo Area volunteer in some way at Oakwood.