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Olympics 2016

  • Congratulations Sacred Heart Olympians
  • Sacred Heart and the 2016 Olympics
  • KK Clark - Water Polo Team USA
  • Mary Joe Fernandez - USA Women's Tennis Team Coach
  • Katie Ledecky - Swimming Team USA
  • Gaby Lopez - Golf Team Mexico
  • Gabi Nance - Field Hockey Team Australia
  • Lia Neal - Swimming Team USA
  • Erin Rafuse - Sailing Team Canada
  • Denise Sheldon - Women's Volleyball Delegation - USA
  • Anabelle Smith - Synchronized Diving Australia

It has been an exciting time as we have cheered on our Sacred Heart Olympians teams in global competitions.  This year is no different.  In fact, it is even a little extra special as we realize that we have several members of the Sacred Heart family competing in the Olympics in Rio. Click this link for a video of our Sacred Heart Olympians! To follow along on social media, be sure to use #GoSacredHeartOlympians


To follow a particular Olympian, click on their name below:

USA Sacred Heart Olympians

KK Clark - Water Polo

Katie Ledecky - Swimming

Lia Neal - Swimming

Canadian Sacred Heart Olympians

Erin Rafuse - Sailing 

Mexican Sacred Heart Olympians

Gaby Lopez - Golf

Australian Sacred Heart Olympians

Gabi Nance - Field Hockey

Anabelle Smith - Synchronized Diver

Olympic Team Management

Mary Joe Fernandez - Women's Tennis Coach

Denise Sheldon - Volleyball


Looking for a schedule of events featuring Sacred Heart Olympians, click on the attachment below.


Click here for links to all the Sacred Heart Olympic Materials