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Philippine Reflections

St. Philippine Feast Day Reflection

Quakahkanumad (Woman Who Prays Always) was the name Philippine Duchesne was given by the Potawatomi when she lived in Sugar Creek for a short time during her "grandmother" years. It is an honor for a non-indigenous person to be named by an indigenous tribe, and in the remaining ten years of her life after she left Sugar Creek, Philippine continued to live up to her Potawatomi name. In fact, the legacy of Philippine's witness to contemplation continues to be attractive in today's frantically-paced world.

A Dialogue with St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Imagined by Mary Lyman, RSCJ

Mary:  Philippine, there’s so much about you that has inspired me, challenged me, attracted me over the years: your courage in facing the constantly shifting political situation, the frontier challenges, the separation from all that was familiar. But what attracts me most right now is your prayer. It is what carried you through all the changes, the failures and struggles. Your world seemed turned upside-down. And right now our world seems turned upside-down, too—yet another paradigm shift.