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For Your Prayers

Please pray for us

Please pray for my 18 year old son Matthew. He needs our help and prayers. Also, please pray for Gene Methvin.

for my citizenship

I was waiting for US Immigration Services for decision on my Citizenship application for almost 10 months and today, I will get a letter in the mail from them. Please pray that it will be the good news for me and my family!!!


Pray for my children's mother, Pimmada, to open her heart and take her mind to do the best for us and our relationship.

Marital turmoil

Please pray that God would transform my marriage. That we would freely and truly forgive one another. That we would find compassion and patience towards one another. That we would not be tempted by divorce or by worldly things.

healing and peace

Please pray for my whole family, that they will be healed, get peace and be saved from evil spirits in my mothers house.

Prayer for The Mother of Jesus

HOLY SATURDAY -- On this day, let us offer and dedicate our prayers to comfort and honor Jesus' Mother Mary; as she grieves the horrific death of her Son Jesus as she stood under the cross, and held His lifeless body. Mary's strength is an example of why we look to Mary for our own comfort when we are faced with agonizing situations. Dear Mary, Mother Of Jesus, we mourn your loss and we offer our prayers to you.