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For Your Prayers

Protection, provision and healing for me and my daughter Olivia.

I ask for prayer for a new home and for protection, provision, and a good God willing job and healing for me and my daughter Olivia. Also, ask for prayer for a coming together and healing for my relationship for my daughter and I. My son drowned a few years ago and we are still mending.


Please allow our mortgage payments to remain the same and we not loose our house in the process of bankruptcy.


Please pray that God the Father be with my family members.


Please pray for miraculous and supernatural healing of the bones on my right foot so that I can walk normally again without any pain. I believe it is God's will for me to be healthy and whole. Thank you in advance. In Jesus' mighty name, Amen.

Prayer Request

Jesus, please let your grace be over us and our family and friends. We have a wedding next week for our daughter. She is moving out. Our other daughter and her husband are moving in to our house. An exchange student is moving in to our house. My parents-in-law are coming to our place for a week. Work is stressful. We are running an airbnb in our basement. Jesus please help our finances too. Jesus please help amen.