Week 02 (March 29-April 4)

Hope frees us to live in the present with the deep trust that God will never leave us. – Henri Nouwen

Artisans of Hope Prayer

by Peggy Gorman, Associate

In our world of ravishing beauty and woundedness, we are called to be Artisans of Hope,
and so we hope. 

God, you are bread when we are hungry,
so we eat water when we are thirsty,
so we drink a Harbor from the storm and a place of refuge and solace, 
and so we hope. 

You, O’ holy One, are our stronghold and from that sacred place,
you call us to acknowledge our woundedness to seek those in need, 
to console those who grieve, 
to speak for those who have no voice, 
to be bearers of Hope. 

Creator God, teach us to be Artisans of Hope. 

Reflection Question: Consider this past week, where have you encountered an Artisan of Hope, and how have you been an Artisan of Hope?