Week 01 (March 22-28)

Pam Hickey, RSCJ, wrote prayerful musings that she shared for many years. This one may speak to you at this time of uncertainty.

When you finish it, take time to reflect on what might help turn your hole into whole. Perhaps, one thing might be to share this with someone you feel might only be seeing the hole.


by Pam Hickey, RSCJ

So, what is a hole?
It is an absence, an emptiness
of what used to be there –
and waits to be filled.

A hole for a fence post
a hole in the needle for thread
a hole in the sand hollowed out
by small hands.
Empty, waiting to be filled.

When I add a "w"
the emptiness changes
to something new, whole –
but that whole can't happen
without the hole.
Make room for that "w."