Week 04 (April 12-18)

I have been singing and making up songs since before my memory begins. It is how I move through the world, how I process life, how I feel God’s love and how I give love. Music is medicinal to me, and the songs I write mend me together when I feel broken.

During this pandemic, I am resting in songs that I have written and am writing. I feel solace and comfort in these songs, but more than that, I feel connected to the Source of Life. Singing songs I have written and witnessing new songs come forth allows me to float in the energy of being whole, fully loved and accepted as I am.

When I walked into the Provincial Offices of the Society of the Sacred Heart to be interviewed for a job, I was met by Sister Shirley Miller. She had her arms wide open in welcome and said, “We’ve been singing and dancing along to your website.” In that moment, something deep inside of me relaxed. I already loved the mission of the Society and really wanted to be a part of this work, but Shirley’s openhearted greeting was an encounter of love that settled my spirit. I felt seen as a whole person, a beloved child of God.

I offer you four songs and some thoughts in the video below. I pray in thanksgiving for each meeting of hearts, each moment of the truth that we are all made and held in Love.

Reflection: Eliza Lynn, mission advancement manager for the United States – Canada Province