Week 15 (June 28-July 4)

"Contemplation of the pierced Heart of Jesus in the heart of wounded humanity impels us to be in solidarity with the displaced and excluded; to defend the victims of abuse of power; and to commit ourselves to search for systemic changes."
(Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, p.1)

In this season of Summer Solstice, we recall the words in Artisans of Hope:

"While we seek the transformation of systems and structures, we also recognize the significance of our day-to-day gestures of care for the earth, others and one another."

Using the image of the spiderweb, we pause to consider how we might make this summer one of weaving the web of justice and dignity, locally and globally.

While the spider web might seem fragile, it is both fierce and tender. Woven from the inner being of the spider, created through perseverance and right action, it does the work for which it was intended.  It is an image for the call of our summer solstice.

  • Spend some time listening to the invitation within to create a web of hope. What is the first small action I can take to make that invitation visible?
  • Can I hear a whisper that needs to be strengthened?
  • What am I being called to let go of?
  • What am I noticing about my inner state and response?
  • What is beginning to emerge?


Photos by the late Georgie Blaeser, RSCJ