This week, we are excited to announce the release of our new podcast For The Sake Of and invite you to listen and reflect on three thoughtful conversations on topics ranging from self-identity and responsibility to relationships, prayer and connection.

Join host Sister Kim King, a Religious of the Sacred Heart, as she engages in these conversations, exploring personal stories about the integration of faith and life.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of episodes, usually in the form of audio files, that can be downloaded from or listened to online. You can listen to a podcast on multiple platforms and on multiple devices. For the Sake Of is accessible on a phone, tablet or computer and you can subscribe to this podcast through applications like Apple's Podcast App, iTunes or Spotify.

Meet the Host

Kim King, RSCJ, currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and serves as director of Barat Spirituality Centre. She grew up listening to stories of both her father’s and grandfather’s time in radio. Her mother taught her about using inflection and the joy of expression through reading aloud together. She discovered the power of her own public voice as a senior in high school when she asked to invent a personal experience to fulfill a speech class requirement. By the end of her 15-minute speech, the whole class was convinced she’d actually met the Queen of England. Since then, she has delighted in using her creativity and voice in tandem through many different opportunities, including writing stories, essays and poetry; storytelling; teaching; and blogging.

Listen to Season 1

Released on Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat's birthday, season 1 features conversation with individuals connected to our Sacred Heart mission through some facet of her/his life.