Melita Attard

Birth: April 9, 1907
Profession: May 18, 1939
Death: September 17, 2005


Submitted by Danalee Lavelle on

God bless Sister Melita! While I was attending Forest Ridge in Seattle (About 1962-1964), Sister was manning the Cafeteria. I will never forget the day she didn't allow me to shirk eating my vegetables! I tried to scoot by the green peas in the cafeteria line but she caught me. For my efforts, she rewarded me with a double helping of green peas. I went to the table and ate my lunch, leaving the peas, still thinking I had the upper hand. God love her, Sister Melita had her eye on me and stood there while I ate at least one spoonful of, by now, very cold peas. She did allow me to swallow some milk with them but, never again, did I try and avoid my vegetables!