The United States Canada Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart stands with the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in expressing deep distress over many of President Trump’s recent executive orders.  (See the full text of the LCWR statement here or in the attachment below.)

St. Madeleine Sophie Barat and St. Philippine Duchesne, who founded our Society and brought it from France to the United States in the 1800’s were both adamant defenders of religious freedom and protectors of the vulnerable and marginalize people of their time.  Madeleine Sophie allowed Muslim students in her schools to practice their faith while Philippine made a point of educating the children of slaves and native Americans, even though it was highly discouraged.

Today we continue that commitment through our ministries in inner city communities, Indian reservations, jails, ESL programs and our network of schools which welcome students from many different cultures and countries around the globe. We cannot stand by while innocent men, women and children, so very much like those we work with and live with every day, are arbitrarily refused entry into our country and sent back to countries in which their lives are in danger.

We are also deeply disturbed by President Trump’s decision to move forward with plans to build a wall along our southern border and to approve projects that will encourage the continued extraction of fossil fuels without any concern for protecting the environment or respecting the legal rights of Native Americans.

Like Pope Francis, we encourage our president to protect the rights of all peoples of the world to share in those things that are necessary for human dignity; clean water, breathable air, health care, religious freedom, decent jobs, excellent public education and safe refuge in time of danger. This is the path to a safer world and an America of which we can all be proud.

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