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Betsy Hartson, RSCJ: It's about the person

Elizabeth Hartson, RSCJ

Betsy Hartson, RSCJ Class of 1955 is a living model of many of the values upon which the Religious of the Sacred Heart were founded.  Hartson has been involved in educating for over 25 years in Sacred Heart schools, but she has applied the educational mission to her efforts outside of the Society’s schools as well.  Currently, and for the past 12 years, Hartson has been the Program Director of an adult education program called Living Wages. 

Society of the Sacred Heart at the United Nations

RSCJ at the United Nations

The Society of the Sacred Heart as a congregation has heard a call to work more closely and insert ourselves more concretely with the poor so as “to let the world set our agenda.” In 2000 we decided to pursue NGO status at the United Nations because we felt that as an international congregation of educators with a presence in 44 countries around the world, we have something to contribute at the international scene.