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Terri Monroe, RSCJ: Contemplation in Action

Terri Monroe, RSCJ

It would be tempting to draw a contrast between a religious of the Sacred Heart and the “heartless” world of corporate America. Yet many mid-career executives are drawn to the classes taught by Terri Monroe, RSCJ at the University of San Diego’s School of Leadership and Education Sciences. Sister Monroe does not experience this as a conflict or problem. In fact she would likely say the perceived contrast stems from a “mental model” out of sync with today’s social reality.

Mary Pat Rives, RSCJ, Brings Solar Ovens to Developing Areas

For a quarter of a century, Mary Pat Rives, RSCJ, and her friend Mary West have taken a group of students on a mission trip to a group of villages just outside San Miguel de Allende in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, where they spend a week in service and reflection. Each year, the group of high school students works on such service projects as planting trees and gardens and building dams while engaging in cultural exchange with the native Mexicans. They also bring along solar ovens – a particular godsend for people where energy resources are scarce.

Society of the Sacred Heart at the United Nations

RSCJ at the United Nations

The Society of the Sacred Heart as a congregation has heard a call to work more closely and insert ourselves more concretely with the poor so as “to let the world set our agenda.” In 2000 we decided to pursue NGO status at the United Nations because we felt that as an international congregation of educators with a presence in 44 countries around the world, we have something to contribute at the international scene.