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Blessing of New Philippine Sculpture June 29

Jun 29, 2018

As part of its bicentennial celebration in 2018, the Society of the Sacred Heart has commissioned a sculpture of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne for the Jubilee Prayer Garden at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, 4431 Lindell Blvd. This will be a life-sized, seated sculpture of Philippine with a map on her lap. Philippine will be depicted in her mid-40s, her age when she left France to come to America. Two matching benches for visitors to sit with Philippine will be part of the piece.

The artist awarded the commission is Gianfranco Tassara of Inspired Artisans in Milwaukee.

Vaster far than any ocean...

Today is a significant anniversary in the Society of the Sacred Heart: two hundred years since the day when that little band of RSCJ led by Philippine Duchesne first set foot on American soil. It's an anniversary not only for our sisters in America but for all of us, as on this day our true internationality began. The Atlantic voyage had taken more than two - no doubt interminably long - months, in variable, often stormy weather and conditions which were cramped and full of privations.

Sophie's well

Go to the Heart of Jesus and draw from it, and when you need more, go back to the Source and draw again. 

~ St Madeleine Sophie, in an 1807 letter to Philippine Duchesne

Time and again, as I read things written by Sophie, I come across these words - go... draw - in relation to the Heart of Jesus. In the 1815 Constitutions, for example, the novices were to go to the Heart of Jesus to draw from it a love of charity or poverty. Elsewhere, whether in conferences or personal letters, the same advice; the same words - go, draw, source.