Year of Prayer - August 27

Prayer to St. Philippine from Soboba Indian Reservation

O holy woman, who prays always, we honor you You are like Eagle, soaring high to Creator Your prayer is like sweet-smelling smoke of sage and cedar Your presence with us is acorn meal, feeding our spirits and drawing us to Grandfather

O holy woman, who prays always, we thank you You brought your Society to us long years ago Your sisters are with us even now, in your name Your love and prayer help us walk the Red Road

O holy woman, who prays always, we ask your blessing Bless us, your Indian children, and stay with us always Bless our land, Mother Earth, given by Creator Bless all people who walk on Mother Earth. May we live together in peace.

Amen, Aho!

Legend:Window in St. Joseph Mission ChurchSoboba Indian Reservation

The Eagle is Sacred—the carrier of our prayers to God.The Smoke from the sage represents our prayers arising.The Acorns symbolize the meal we celebrate, andThe Gourd-rattle is the music of our songs to God.

Marianna Torrano, RSCJ, Province of the United States – Canada